Grace Church Internships

Equipping young leaders to serve Christ with integrity and excellence is a high calling.  At Grace Church, there are internship seasons available for high school, college, and recently graduated college students to devote a season of time to spiritual growth and self-discovery through service and study. These internships are available for any student who desires to grow in their understanding of Jesus, the church, and their role as a future part of Christ’s Kingdom.


Our internship classes are designed to equip interns with foundational truths that will build the character and knowledge essential for their role as healthy members in a local church and community.


Interns will be placed in a primary ministry area for the duration of the internship where they will gain hands-on ministry experience. They will be asked to lead in a variety of ways depending on their specific ministry area.


Interns can expect to disciple and be discipled. We believe the primary context for such life change is relationships. Each intern will have a ministry lead and will be challenged to shepherd others throughout their internship. 


We believe that Jesus has called us to take the gospel in word and deed to the ends of the earth. Each intern will have the opportunity to be involved with Grace’s local, regional and national ministry partnerships.

Practical Ministry Areas

Each internship provides the opportunity to experience practical ministry in one of the following ministry areas:

Children's Ministry
Children’s Ministry interns will experience the daily work that makes programming possible for children across each of the Grace Church campuses.  This includes work in lesson planning, curriculum writing, and creative projects on a weekly basis. Interns will have the opportunity to serve on multiple Grace Church campuses in the areas of nursery, preschool, and elementary.  Over the summer, our elementary students attend a weekend camp where interns help plan, prepare, and lead the elementary students as they experience camp.
Student Ministry
Grace Church has programs each weekend for more than 800 students over our eight campuses from sixth grade through high school. Interns will have relational time to connect with and disciple students. They will help brainstorm, plan, and lead Student Ministry programs,  events, retreats, and mission trips.
Worship Interns will participate in leading worship across each of our venues (adult, student, children’s) across our eight campuses as an instrumentalist or vocalist.  They will participate in weekly worship staff meetings and troubleshoot projects related to creating successful worship services for the weekend.
A/V interns will gain hands-on experience operating the soundboard and other various A/V equipment (light board, video switcher, video camera, ProPresenter, etc.) at each of our campuses. Interns will have the opportunity to see how campuses of different sizes and different venues utilize technology during the worship services.
In any large organization, communication is always a challenging but a critical part of the daily operation.  Interns will use various forms of communication, graphic design, social media, web development, video, animation, writing and photography to effectively communicate important information.
Campus Specific
Campus Specific interns have the opportunity to be involved in all of the behind the scenes efforts of running an individual campus. Interns will help plan weekend services, coordinate campus specific events, manage data and assist campus staff needs. Interns will learn what it takes to prepare for services each weekend.
Interns can expect to record and edit videos and interview and direct people. They will learn about production workflow in a studio setting and during the weekend services. They will learn how to use video to craft and tell a story in a compelling way.
Outreach & Missions (local & regional missions)
A Culturally Engaged intern’s primary focus is on engaging our culture. Interns will arrange Simple Serving projects, coordinate local and regional missions trips, and research and explore new local opportunities. Grace Church Culturally Engaged areas of focus include neighborhood transformation, elderly care, micro-finance, support of students, and city-side service.
Mosaic (Special Needs Ministry)
Mosaic Ministry interns can expect to gain exposure and insight into why disability ministry is important to the Church. They will have the opportunity to serve and experience the impact of the Mosaic ministry across children, youth, and adults. Most of their time will be spent working to adapt curriculum, work on creative projects, and create accommodations to accompany the Children’s Ministry curriculum.  
Care Ministries
Care & Recovery Ministry interns will have primary responsibilities of supporting care & recovery leaders through trainings and weekly meeting support tasks and researching community partnerships and resources available in the upstate of South Carolina.  Interns will have an opportunity to assist in planning and preparation of the care ministries as well as observe and help facilitate care groups.
Human Resources
An internship in the Human Resource area will expose an intern to the behind the scenes systems and processes that offer support to the ministries and staff at Grace Church.  Interns will learn about the life cycle of an employee and how human resources supports our staff and ministry leads. They will work on a variety of projects and experience day to day staff activity.