When & where does the Kairos Summer Internship take place?

On Monday, May 24 interns will begin with a day of orientation and following gather in the evening for our Kairos Meet and Greet. Here, you will meet the other summer interns and connect with and meet your host family for the first time.

Kairos Summer is based out of our Pelham campus in Greenville, SC. where weekly classes are held. After class, interns head out to serve and work with the respective ministries and campuses where they have been placed.

The final day of Kairos is Thursday, August 5.
Will I get paid for this internship?

Yes, our summer internships combine paid work as well as extensive unpaid educational and training opportunities that are considered a benefit of the internship.

Can I receive college credit for this internship?

If your degree program requires you to take part in an internship, we would be happy to work with you to design an internship that would meet the criteria required by your institution. Details regarding paid vs. unpaid will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

How many hours per week is the internship?

Kairos interns can expect to work full time throughout the duration of their internship. Exact hours and the weekly schedule of each Internship are dependent on the Ministry you are placed with, as will be stated in your contract and job description. Included in this time are classes and training that are considered a benefit to the internship experience.

Is housing included?

Yes, Grace Church host families are provided for those participating in Kairos Summer. Summer interns are strongly encouraged to live with a Host Family for the duration of their internship. We consider this portion of the internship an integral component to the Kairos experience. We encourage all of our interns to spend intentional time with their families, learn from them, and allow them to be a part of your internship experience.

Can I work in addition to the internship?

No, this is a full-time internship that requires all of your time, energy and passion. Kairos Summer interns need to be “all here” for the summer in order to get the desired experience.

Can I take time off, go on my family vacation, etc.?

Kairos Summer is an 11-week program, beginning Monday, May 24, and ending Thursday, August 5. Due to the nature of this program, it is our hope that interns be “all here” and gain the full experience Kairos Summer has to offer. That being said, we are happy to discuss desired dates off, which will be approved on a case-by-case basis. Please let our Internship staff know any dates you will be requesting as soon as possible. Throughout the internship, all interns may expect to participate in at least one of our summer mission trips through our Outreach Ministry department. Interns should plan to set aside the dates July 24-30 to participate in an all-intern mission trip to Allendale, SC. Outside of this week, mission trip placement will be determined and worked around dates submitted and approved.

How can I apply?

Applications for Kairos Summer have now closed.

Do I need transportation?

Yes, you need to have a car to get around.


When & where does the program take place?

Camp Impact is held in Allendale, SC. However, the Camp Staff Experience will begin in Greenville, SC with pre-camp training and conclude with a post-camp staff retreat on the coast. All summer staff will report to Greenville by Tuesday following Memorial Day, and the program will conclude on the first Tuesday in August. Additionally, camp staff will have the week of July 4 off.

Are there any requirements for being on Camp Staff?

Yes. You must be at least 18 years old or have completed one year of college by the first day of the program. Additionally, priority will be given to applicants who have been a part of developmental programs and/or biblical community at Grace Church.

If you don’t quite make the cut in regards to age, contact Margaret Middleton at mmiddleton@gracechurchsc.org and ask about our high school internships at Camp Impact!
What does a week look like?

Camp staff works a 7-hour day of camp Monday–Friday. Additionally, there will be team meetings that take place on Sunday afternoons that are mandatory for each staff member to attend in order to prepare for the following week of camp. Outside of camp hours, staff will also meet together on certain weeknights for development training, staff devotionals, and small groups.

What does the application process look like?

Applications for Camp Staff 2023 are currently closed, but if you are interested in applying for Summer 2024, please contact Margaret Middleton. Camp Staff positions will be filled on a rolling basis as we prepare for the upcoming summer program. After you have submitted your application, you will hear from us regarding scheduling an interview.

Can I pick the specific position that I want to serve in?

During the application process, you will have a chance to indicate which position you are most interested in serving as. However, as we try to accommodate your request, we ask that you be flexible and prepared to serve in any position at Camp Impact.

As a member of camp staff, do I get paid for the summer?

Yes! You will receive approximately $310 / week, or $3,100 for the summer.

Camp Staff will also be expected to raise $1,000 of outside support to help cover staff housing and program costs.

Where will I stay?

During the short stay in Greenville, each staff member will have a host family to welcome them to Greenville and provide a place to stay! However, in Allendale, camp staff lives in gender specific houses in the Allendale and Fairfax area.

Can I have another job, or take summer classes in addition to camp?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to work another job. It is recommended you do not take any summer classes. Life at camp can be demanding, and we want each staff member to be able to focus solely on their responsibilities in Allendale and serve well throughout the summer. If there seems to be a conflict, please let us know beforehand and we will see if something can be worked out.

Do I need transportation?



When & where does the Semester Internship take place?

Semester Internships will be based out of any of our ten Grace Church Campuses in the upstate of South Carolina. Start dates occur on a rotating basis in the summer, fall, and spring semesters based on the needs of your degree program.

Will I get paid for this internship?

Because college credit is being received for semester internships, this is an unpaid internship. Housing may be arranged if needed.

How many hours per week is the Semester internship?

If your degree program requires you to take part in an internship, we will work with you to design an internship that would meet the criteria required by your institution.

How can I apply?

Applications for semester internships are accepted on a rolling basis. Go to the Apply page to apply.

Do I need transportation?

Yes, you need to have a car to get around.