Kairos is designed to give students the opportunity to lead, study, and serve alongside the Grace Church staff. Kairos interns serve full time in one of the practical ministry areas.  Kairos interns have the opportunity and are strongly encouraged to live with one of the Grace Church host families provided. Weekly hours vary per ministry.  Interns may expect to have weekly office hours as well as evening events and weekend services and programming.



Kairos internships last 11 weeks. Due to the nature of this internship, interns are expected to be available and fully committed for the entire internship.


Program dates for Kairos 2022 are Monday, May 23 – Thursday, August 4, 2022. 


Kairos internships are paid. Kairos interns will also have the opportunity for extensive unpaid educational and training classes that are considered a benefit of the internship.


Kinley Anderson / Kairos 2020

At first I was very hesitant to do Kairos, but had always heard people around me talking about the power of the local church, which up until Kairos, I had never truly experienced or saw a need for. Kairos challenged me through showing me the true value in authentic community within the church; I always tried to find community outside with peers and friends I was comfortable with, but never found people who truly held me accountable long term. By working one on one with those within the church, I was able to see the value of partnering with the local church while being a part of it for others to find community within.

Abby Halliburton / Kairos 2020

Kairos was an experience I will never forget or take for granted. Over the course of the summer, I learned more about myself than I expected. This experience brought challenge and community in an unforeseen way for me. Kairos is unique in the fact that each intern gets to individually work with a campus, learn about themselves, and be immersed in community with other young adult believers as well as experienced teachers. Through this program, I first-hand experienced real community wrap around me with insightful teaching that is still helping me navigate how to serve the Lord faithfully in the world today.

Whitney Maness / Kairos 2020

Kairos came at a crucial transition point in my life as I graduated from college. It was a reorienting experience that helped me think through who God created me to be, his intended design for local church, and how those two things fit together. I’ve never been exposed to so much wisdom in such a short amount of time and it truly reframed the way I relate to God and his people. I’ve already seen how Kairos has established a foundation that I now get to build on as I continue growing in this new season of life and every season after.

Meg Leatherwood / Kairos 2020

Kairos taught me that involvement in the local church is a “nonnegotiable” in the Christian life. Throughout the summer, this idea transitioned from a theoretical notion that I entertained to a reality that I experienced. I was challenged by church leadership and loved in biblical community, and I now consider these relationships to be crucial aspects of my faith.

Garrison Christian / Kairos 2020

Kairos was definitely a growing experience for me in ways I didn’t expect. I learned a lot about who God made me to be by better understanding my strengths and weaknesses. I also learned about the power God has given the local church and how beneficial it is for the community in changing people’s lives so they can better follow him.

Brian Weaver / Kairos 2020

Kairos was the experience I needed to have before graduating college. Through it came genuine affection for the local church, answers to hard questions, invaluable self-awareness, and a trajectory to build the next ten years of my life on. My faith is stronger because of Kairos.

Allie Sullivan / Kairos 2019 / Grand Canyon University

Kairos completely changed my perspective on the church– I started the summer with a consumer mentality, but I soon learned to be an active participant in church community through serving with student ministry and living closely with my fellow interns all summer.

Kiersten Mills / Kairos 2019 / Spelman College

Kairos, if nothing else, broke me. We speak so boldly in church of denying ourselves and picking up the cross of Jesus. But never before have I understood that denying myself includes being transformed from my prior nature that I was once actually okay with epitomizing— a nature that screamed out acceptance of an eternity apart from the peace of an eternal Father.

Hayley Cheek / Kairos Summer 2016 / Clemson University

Kairos is an opportunity for you to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself. It is an opportunity for you to serve the local church and be a part of a body of believers who are all on mission together. It is a season of coming under authority and being poured into. It is a time where you will be trained and developed through your strengths and weaknesses so that you are better equipped for the next season of your life. It is a season where pride is beaten down and character is strengthened. Kairos is an experience that is unlike any other. You won’t walk away unchanged.

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

– Proverbs 27:17


Each internship provides the opportunity to experience practical ministry in one of the following ministry areas:

Grace Church Students

Grace Church has programs each weekend for more than 800 students over our ten campuses from sixth grade through high school. Interns will have relational time to connect with and disciple students. They will help brainstorm, plan, and lead Grace Church Students programs,  events, retreats, and mission trips.

Grace Church Kids

Grace Church Kids interns will experience the daily work that makes programming possible for children across each of the Grace Church campuses.  This includes work in lesson planning, curriculum writing, and creative projects on a weekly basis. Interns will have the opportunity to serve on multiple Grace Church campuses in the areas of nursery, preschool, and elementary.


Worship Interns will participate in leading worship across each of our venues (adult, student, children’s) across our ten campuses as an instrumentalist or vocalist.  They will participate in weekly worship staff meetings and troubleshoot projects related to creating successful worship services for the weekend.


A/V interns will gain hands-on experience operating the soundboard and other various A/V equipment (light board, video switcher, video camera, ProPresenter, etc.) at each of our campuses. Interns will have the opportunity to see how campuses of different sizes and different venues utilize technology during the worship services.


In any large organization, communication is always a challenging but a critical part of the daily operation.  Interns will use various forms of communication, graphic design, social media, web development, video, animation, writing and photography to effectively communicate important information.

Outreach (Local & Regional Missions)

An Outreach intern helps execute our local and regional short-term student mission trips. Interns will plan, coordinate, implement, and support local student serving opportunities. At Grace Church, outreach and missions are centered on our core value of being culturally engaged. Locally, we invest significant resources in foster & adopt support, ministry to the elderly, and strategic partnerships with local organizations addressing issues such as prison ministry, human trafficking, addiction recovery, autism, and affordable housing.

Mosaic (Special Needs Ministry)

Mosaic Ministry interns can expect to gain exposure and insight into why disability ministry is important to the Church. They will have the opportunity to serve and experience the impact of the Mosaic ministry across children, youth, and adults. Most of their time will be spent working to adapt curriculum, work on creative projects, and create accommodations to accompany the Children’s Ministry curriculum.