Our Missions Internship is a 12-week opportunity to participate in regional missions. Missions interns work alongside our church partners in Allendale, SC. Interns organize and coordinate summer camp programming for elementary and middle school students as teams from Grace Church help provide weekly hands-on support. The internship includes pre-field training, on the ground equipping classes, and 3 days of re-entry training and debrief.



Missions internships last 12 weeks, including pre-field training, re-entry training, and debrief.


All interns will begin their internship at Grace Church in Greenville for training and planning, and spend the following 8 weeks living in Allendale, SC. At the end of camp, interns will return to Greenville for 3 days of debriefing.


The internship begins May 29 and ends on August 7. Applications for Summer 2018 are now closed.



Taylor Frick / Missions 2017 / Clemson University

Working at Camp Impact in Allendale gave me a new perspective of what missions can look like. It helped me understand and develop an appreciation for cultures that are different than my own, as well as learn what it looks like to share the gospel in a culturally relevant way that doesn’t distort the truth. Staying in Allendale for the duration of camp allowed me to form lasting relationships with the kids and the community- an experience I wouldn’t trade for anything.


Sarah Worsham / Missions 2017 / Clemson University

Camp Impact brought me to a place of dependence upon God that I had never experienced. Working in Allendale for 6 weeks opened my eyes to the idea that God is doing much bigger things than I could ever imagine working for on my own accord. Instead of working to attain my own value and significance in this world, I was able to experience the worth and value that comes in giving your life away for the His name to be known. A truly humbling summer that I am incredibly thankful for!


He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation”.

– Mark 16:15


Who can be an intern?

Interns are required to have completed their second year of college prior to taking part in the internship. Priority will be given to applicants who have been a part of developmental programs and/or biblical community at Grace Church.

What does a typical week look like?
Each intern will work a 7-hour shift of camp each day, MondayThursday and some Fridays. Additionally, there will be team meetings that take place on Sunday afternoons that are mandatory for each intern to attend in order to prepare for the following week of camp. Interns will also meet together on certain weeknights for development training, staff devotionals, and small groups.
Can I work another job or take summer classes in addition to the internship?

Unfortunately, interns will not be able to work another job or take summer classes in addition to the internship. Life at camp can be demanding, and we want each intern to be able to focus solely on their responsibilities in Allendale and serving well throughout the summer.

What is included in the role of Sports Coordinator?

The Camp Impact Sports Coordinator is responsible for the planning and execution of all sports activities during the camp. This includes assigning 4 sports focuses for each week of camp, as well as incorporating creative components to keep campers engaged and involved in their sports rotation. The Sports Coordinator will work closely with the mission trip Team Lead to make sure all equipment and supplies are prepared ahead of time to ensure smooth running of 4 sports rotations each day. This position will have the opportunity to build relationships with campers through creating an energetic, teamwork based sports environment to further the overall goal of Camp Impact. The Sports Coordinator will also participate in all required “All Staff Responsibilities” and will report to the Camp Director.

What is included in the role of Family Group Leader?

Family Group Leaders are responsible for the development and implementation of all spiritual curriculum and small group time. These interns will be working towards making sure summer camp has a lasting impact and the campers leave the summer knowing more about Jesus. This will take the form of coordinating chapel times, organizing crafts and lessons for family small group time, and being knowledgeable about all of the campers in designated family group. Family Group Leaders will be responsible for equipping the short term mission team members on how to best serve and love the family groups they are responsible for, and will act as a mediator for any problems that occur between the two parties. They will learn about working with children from a variety of backgrounds, group management, efficient communication and the Father’s heart towards discipline. The Family Group Leaders will participate in all required “All Staff Responsibilities” and reports to the Camp Director.

What is included in the role of Activities Coordinator?

Activities Coordinator will be responsible for the scheduling and planning of all non-sports related activities to help make the camp educational, inclusive, and a memorable experience for the campers. You will work closely with the short term mission trip Team Lead and local volunteers to utilize skills and talents in the community that will lead to an educational and beneficial camp environment. Activities can range from Just Dance classes to Spanish lessons, and the goal is fruitful communication with the local churches in Allendale to provide opportunities and responsibility for local volunteers to take on. The Activities Coordinator will learn about cultural differences, work between churches and denominational lines, and use strong interpersonal skills. This position will participate in all required “All Staff Responsibilities” and reports to the Camp Director.