The Camp Staff Experience at Camp Impact is an 10-week opportunity to serve as a camp counselor in Allendale, South Carolina. Camp Impact is a summer camp hosted by local churches in the Allendale community. All camp staff will coordinate programming for the summer as students from Grace Church help provide weekly hands-on support. In addition to working camp, the experience includes pre-camp training in Greenville, SC and a camp staff retreat.



The experience lasts 10 weeks, which includes pre-camp training, camp set up and break down, and the camp staff retreat at the conclusion of camp.


Staff will begin their time at Grace Church in Greenville for training and planning, and spend the following eight weeks living in Allendale, SC. At the end of camp, camp will travel to the coast for a camp staff retreat.


Tuesday, May 31 – Tuesday, August 2


Sarah Worsham | Camp Director 2018 | Clemson University

Camp Impact brought me to a place of dependence upon God that I had never experienced. Working in Allendale for six weeks opened my eyes to the idea that God is doing much bigger things than I could ever imagine doing on my own. Instead of working to attain my own value and significance in this world, I was able to experience the worth and value that comes from giving your life away for his name to be known. A truly humbling summer that I am incredibly thankful for!

Sydnei Cadet | Activities Coordinator 2018

Looking back on my summer in Allendale, I can see how I got to be apart of something that was so very clearly bigger than me and anything I could hope to achieve on my own. Whether it was through having enough craft supplies or simply watching the kids have fun with a game, God’s faithfulness was evident in so many ways! Getting to have a small part in what God is doing in Allendale was humbling and exciting, and it left me incredibly thankful I got to be on staff this summer at Camp Impact!


Rachel Stanbro | Sports Coordinator 2018

Living and working in Allendale was such an incredible experience. My favorite part about the program was being in Allendale for an extended period of time versus just a week. Over the course of the summer you get to develop relationships with those you are spending day in and day out with. I was sweetly reminded of how the Father delights in knowing his people personally as I found joy from getting to know campers. I am confident you wouldn’t regret spending your summer at Camp Impact. God will truly meet you in the midst of camp craziness and draw you to himself.

Camp Staff Positions Available


The Camp Director and Assistant Director are responsible for all oversight of Camp Impact. They oversee and maintain camp structure, including scheduling, culture and policy, as well as lead camp staff. They assist the camp staff in communicating with the current and incoming short-term volunteer team, perform administrative duties, manage schedule changes, and provide hands on support to the short-term team lead and family group leaders. Considered “the principal of camp,” they act as a last line of defense when it comes to discipline issues and manage all communication with parents. To apply for a camp director role, you must be 21 years old by May 31, 2022 or have completed your junior year of college. However, preference will be given to college graduates.


The Junior Staff Supervisor serves as the supervisor for those participating in our Junior Staff Program. Junior Staff are ages 13-18, and act as “camp staff in training.” This role includes providing oversight for program participants through weekly feedback, assisting in program development components such as leadership class, life skills development, and bible study. This role includes planning and implementing group projects for participants to work on together to contribute to camp. To apply for the Junior Staff Supervisor role, you must be 21 years old by May 31, 2022 or have completed your junior year of college. However, preference will be given to college graduates.


The Camp Impact Sports Counselor is responsible for the planning and execution of all sports activities during the camp. This includes assigning four sports focuses for each week of camp, as well as incorporating creative components to keep campers engaged and involved in their sports rotation. Sports Counselors will work closely with the mission trip Team Lead to make sure all equipment and supplies are prepared ahead of time to ensure smooth running of four sports rotations each day. This position will have the opportunity to build relationships with campers through creating an energetic, teamwork based sports environment to further the overall goal of Camp Impact.


Curriculum Counselors are responsible for the development and implementation of all spiritual curriculum and small group time. These staffers will be working towards making sure summer camp has a lasting impact and the campers leave the summer knowing more about Jesus. This will take the form of coordinating chapel times, organizing crafts and lessons for family small group time, and being knowledgeable about all of the campers in designated family group. Curriculum Counselors will be responsible for equipping the short term mission team members on how to best serve and love the family groups they are responsible for, and will act as a mediator for any problems that occur between the two parties. They will learn about working with children from a variety of backgrounds, group management, efficient communication and the Father’s heart towards discipline.


Activities Counselors will be responsible for the scheduling and planning of all non-sports related activities to help make the camp educational, inclusive, and a memorable experience for the campers. You will work closely with the short term mission trip Team Lead and local volunteers to utilize skills and talents in the community that will lead to an educational and beneficial camp environment. Activities can range from Just Dance classes to Spanish lessons, and the goal is fruitful communication with the local churches in Allendale to provide opportunities and responsibility for local volunteers to take on. Activities Counselors will learn about cultural differences, work between churches and denominational lines, and use strong interpersonal skills.

Family Group Leaders are assigned to a specific group of campers to spend day in and day out with. Family Group Leaders are not responsible for the daily logistics of camp- instead, they fully focus their energy in leading their campers and short-term volunteers. As they travel throughout the camp day with their campers, playing sports, worshiping in chapel, and leading family group time, these leaders have a unique opportunity to invest and form relationships with a small group of campers for the entirety of summer.